History of Truck Farms in East Omaha

Often forgotten and neglected by Omaha, there’s an area that was home to hard-working folks who, for more than a century, made their living growing food. It was in the areas known today as the Sherman neighborhood, the old town of East Omaha, Birchwood, and everything on the Nebraska side of Carter Lake. Adam tells us all about truck farms in East Omaha.

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One thought on “History of Truck Farms in East Omaha”

  1. Thanks for this as a young man growing up in East Omaha I listened to my Grandad speak of working for Strabuchers.As a young man I picked vegetables from our family garden just south of 6 and Fort Street and sold them to Francis Callahan,Red white and blue stand.Hermie also had a big garden that ran from Hartman Ave.to Fort St.From 3rd to 5 street.Wich he protected with salt rock load shotguns.

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